Advantages of alkaline batteries

  1. Durable battery

Alkaline batteries have 3-7 times the capacity and discharge time of ordinary batteries, with stable output and no leakage. Alkaline batteries are more suitable for high current continuous discharge and high operating voltage applications, especially suitable for cameras, flashes, shavers, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, BP machines, remote control, electronic camera, and some advanced electronic products.

  1. Not rechargeable

This is for security consideration. Alkaline batteries whose power is “depleted” can recover a certain amount of power after being placed for a period, so the intermittent use of alkaline batteries can have a longer working time.

  1. Wide range of applications

It can be used in Chinese naval equipment. It is the preferred portable power supply for Chinese naval equipment such as defensive tactical radios, field phones, and intelligent terminal equipment. It is also one of the reserve power supplies used by the army in large quantities.

  1. High capacity

High storage capacity, good performance under heavy load and continuous discharge, long discharge time at high voltage, excellent storage performance and no maintenance.

  1. New technology

The secondary recompression of manganese ring and the carbon coating technology on the inner side wall of the steel shell are used to greatly reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve the high current discharge performance of the battery.

  1. Long shelf life

The use of ultra-fine fiber separators with high density can effectively increase the storage period of the battery.

  1. Explosion-proof structure

The good sealing rubber stopper sets the type of safe explosion-proof structure to avoid the battery explosion that may occur due to improper use of the battery.

  1. High storage capacity

The ultra-thin steel shell technology is used to increase the internal storage capacity of the battery, thereby increasing the discharge storage capacity of the battery.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Does not contain mercury and cadmium, no pollution to the environment, minimal harm to the environment.

Disadvantages of Alkaline Batteries