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Hua Only Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Button Battery

Toys and gifts battery ,Backup power supply battery, computer motherboard battery, electronic watch battery, electronic dictionary battery, electronic scale battery, remote control battery, electric toy battery, cardiac pacemaker battery, electronic hearing aid battery, counter battery, camera battery.

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Battery Model

LR60/AG1 Battery (13 mAh )
LR59/AG2 Battery (26 mAh )
LR41/AG3 Battery (28 mAh )
LR66/AG4 Battery (18 mAh )
LR48/AG5 Battery (52 mAh )
LR69/AG6 Battery (30 mAh )
LR57/AG7 Battery (46 mAh )
LR55/AG8 Battery (42 mAh )
LR45/AG9 Battery (48 mAh )
LR54/AG10 Battery (68 mAh )
LR58/AG11 Battery (21 mAh )
LR43/AG12 Battery (105 mAh )
LR44/AG13 Battery (138 mAh )

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